Future Edinburgh

Why we are shaping our city for future generations

Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the world in which to live, work and study.

It offers a great quality of life, is surrounded by beautiful green environment, and has world famous natural, cultural and built heritage.

But we need to make sure everyone benefits from all that Edinburgh can offer, and like other cities, we are feeling the impacts of

  • climate change
  • poverty and health inequalities in our communities
  • demand for new homes
  • rising housing costs
  • traffic congestion and poor air quality in some areas.

Our vision for Edinburgh

We want our city to lead the way in responding to these challenges.

Our Business Plan sets out our commitment to

  • end poverty by 2030
  • become a net zero city
  • improve wellbeing and equality for everyone.

Part of overcoming these challenges involves transforming our city centre and communities

  • making it easier for people to get around using more sustainable transport
  • giving access to what they need, where it's most convenient for them.

We're working in partnership with Edinburgh residents, businesses and key stakeholders to

  • develop an exceptional capital city centre where everyone can live, work, visit and enjoy. A place for the future, enriched by our heritage
  • create a network of healthier, greener and thriving neighbourhoods where everyone can meet most of their daily needs within a short walk, wheel or cycle from their home.

How we are making these changes