City centre transformation

Edinburgh's City Centre Transformation strategy

Our City Centre Transformation plan puts all of the people who enjoy Edinburgh’s city centre at its heart, while contributing to the city’s ambition to reduce car kms travelled by 30% by 2030. 

We are planning for an exceptional capital city centre that is for everyone, a space for people to live, work, visit and play - a place that is for the future, enriched by the legacy of the past. 


In 2018, we consulted on our City Centre Transformation strategy and received over 3,000 responses.

These helped shape our final strategy and delivery plan, which were approved at the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee on 12 September 2019.

Since then, we have been working to deliver parts of the strategy with projects such as George Street and First New Town and Meadows to George Street.

Taking an ambitious approach

We have enhanced the strategy with Our Future Streets: a circulation plan for Edinburgh, which was agreed by our Transport and Environment Committee on 1 February 2024.

Find out more about Our Future Streets: a circulation plan for Edinburgh.

This looks at how we can make our streets work best across the whole city, including

  • the city centre
  • key travel corridors
  • neighbourhoods.

For the city centre, this could involve

  • removing through vehicle traffic from key city centre streets
  • prioritising space for a climate adapted public realm for pedestrians, safe cycling and reliable and efficient public transport
  • and, in the future, the proposed expansion of the tram network from north to south.


Image of walking, wheeling and cycling with a city backdrop. Text: Future Edinburgh, Delivering our city mobility plan

Future Edinburgh

Our wider vision for the future of Edinburgh includes plans for the city centre, key travel corridors and neighbourhoods.

Find out more about our plans