Edinburgh's economic strategy

Consultation and engagament activity with businesses, citizens and partner organisations was carried out over July to October 2021 in support of a refresehed Edinburgh economy strategy. This refreshed Strategy sets out a vision and work programme to ensure Edinburgh is a Stronger, Greener, and Fairer economy.

Download Edinburgh's economic strategy (PDFs)

Aims of the Strategy

The strategy aims to ensure that the city’s economic priorities continue to meet the needs of citizens and businesses and drive a strong and fair recovery from the economic effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, adapt to the changes driven by the UK’s withdrawal from EU, and ensure a just transition to a net zero economy, alongside other economic changes anticipated in the coming few years.

In particular, the strategy aims to:

  • Set out the Council’s priorities for ensuring Edinburgh makes a strong recovery from the economic effects of the Covid pandemic, and a just transition to a net zero future economy
  • Describe the actions the Council will take to ensure that Edinburgh’s economic development meets the long-term needs of the city and its residents, and
  • Describe the Council’s economic development priorities for working with partners, businesses, investors, and communities.

Stronger, Greener and Fairer

Through the delivery of the strategy, the Council aims to enable the transfromation of a stronger, greener, and fairer Edinburggh economy which is built on strong relationships and collaboration between the Council, businesses, public sector partners and communities.

Monitor and review

We review the strategy annually and report to the Policy and Sustainability Committee to

  • update on progress
  • highlight emerging issues
  • make recommendations for new actions.

Economic trends

Download Edinburgh Economy Watch (PDF) for a quarterly analysis with on trends in the city's economy.