Edinburgh Accessibility Commission

Making our streets and spaces as accessible as possible

Edinburgh’s Accessibility Commission (the Commission) provides independent advice to the Council on the challenges, opportunities and actions required to ensure the city’s public streets and spaces are as accessible as possible to disabled people. It was established in March 2024 and will operate for an initial two-year period. 

The Commission has a strategic role which seeks to complement and support the remit of Edinburgh Access Panel. It's focus is on looking at Council practices and processes, to deliver outcomes against 3 key themes.

1. Design

The Commission will set fundamental principles as to how the Council, working with partners and stakeholders, will ensure that policymaking and project delivery embeds accessibility into the design and development of our public streets and spaces.

It will also establish a process to support resolution, where possible, if principles are not being met.

2. Communication

The Commission will define principles as to how the Council, working with partners and stakeholders, will ensure its communications are as accessible as possible. This will help to maximise awareness and input from disabled people in Council activities, with a focus on delivering accessible public streets and spaces.

3. Engagement

The Commission will set principles for the delivery of best practice engagement which enables meaningful contributions from disabled people on Council policymaking and project development and delivery.

Equal Pavements Pledge

We are committed to meeting Transport for All’s Equal Pavements Pledge in September 2021. The Commission’s work will help the Council to meet this pledge.

Commission’s Work Plan

One of the Commission’s first actions is to create a Work Plan to support delivery of the three key themes above. Once agreed, the Work Plan will be available to view on this page.

Commission Membership

Chair, Zara Todd

Vice Chair, Councillor Scott Arthur

Member organisations

  • Edinburgh Access Panel
  • Edinburgh Trams
  • Equality and Rights Network
  • Euan’s Guide
  • HCL Transport
  • Inclusion Scotland 
  • Living Streets Edinburgh Group
  • Lothian Buses
  • Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living
  • Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland
  • National Federation for the Blind Scotland
  • People First (Scotland)
  • Royal National Institute of Blind People
  • Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans
  • Sustrans
  • The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Scotland)
  • The Scottish Assembly

Commission’s Terms of Reference

Download the Commission’s Terms of Reference which provides more detail on its role, remit, membership and ways of working.    

Commission meeting minutes

Minutes will focus on the actions agreed. They will be published on this page as soon as possible after each meeting. 

For further details email spatial.policy@edinburgh.gov.uk