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Making changes to your planning consent

A Non-Material Variation (NMV) application is a proposal to change an approved development that will not significantly alter what was granted planning permission.

All NMV applications are subject to a fee of £200, as set by the Scottish Government.  

A NMV application can only relate to a granting of planning permission. It is tied to the original permission and is not a new consent. It is not possible to apply for a NMV for any other type of application such as

  • Listed Building consent
  • Conservation Area consent
  • Advert applications
  • prior notifications.

Developments which are primarily related to improving accessibility for people with disabilities are exempt from a fee. 

Before requesting a NMV read our customer service guide. The guide sets out the

  • information required to be submitted
  • level of service you will receive
  • charges.

Request a NMV

Request a NMV

Pay for your NMW

Once your application has been received and checked you will be contacted to make payment.

Pay for your NMV 

Please note we cannot accept cheques or phone payments.

Non-material varation service

You can contact the Planning non-material varation service at