20-minute neighbourhoods

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Our approach to 20-minute neighbourhoods is also about building on existing work in Edinburgh.

We will make sure new developments are being designed to put people at their heart, providing the services and facilities that people need easy access to in the right places at the right times.

Key developments across the city that support the 20-minute neighbourhood strategy include:

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The 20-minute neighbourhood approach is also part of several key Council plans and strategies.

2030 Climate Strategy

The 2030 Climate Strategy outlines how to deliver a net zero, climate ready city by 2030 as well as a healthier, thriving and inclusive capital for people to live and work in, where it is easier for people to access the services and amenities they need locally.

City Plan 2030

The Proposed City Plan 2030 supports the delivery of 20-minute walkable neighbourhoods and a ‘place-based’ approach to creating high quality and walkable communities.

City Mobility Plan

The City Mobility Plan has been prepared alongside the City Plan to better connect Edinburgh through a safer and more inclusive transport system. It will help people make sustainable choices about how they move around the city, through improving walking, cycling and wheeling options and creating better links to public transport.

Our Future Streets

Our Future Streets – a circulation plan for Edinburgh sets out an approach to how space is allocated on the city’s streets, focusing on neighbourhoods, key transport corridors and the city centre. This will help to deliver the aims and objectives of the City Mobility Plan.

Corporate Property Strategy

The Corporate Property Strategy provides a framework about how we’ll use our buildings (not including our housing) to support our blended working arrangements, as well as setting out how we’re developing 20-minute neighbourhoods and net zero properties.

Community Plan 2022-2028

The Edinburgh Partnership Community Plan 2022- 2028 describes how we can work with our community planning partners across the city to achieve the goals we all share. It reviews how the 20-minute neighbourhood concept can improve the lives of communities within their immediate local area.

Citywide Culture Strategy 2023-2030

The Culture Strategy aims for all residents to be able to easily access cultural experiences that they find meaningful in their local area.

Economy Strategy

The Economy Strategy identifies the 20-minute neighbourhood concept as a way of supporting local economies and businesses to provide the daily needs of their communities and create local jobs.

End Poverty in Edinburgh Delivery Plan 2020-30

The End Poverty in Edinburgh Delivery Plan 2020-30 sets out the priority actions needed to end poverty by 2030, including creating more quality spaces, green space, support, activities and opportunities closer to where people live across Edinburgh. 

Food Growing Strategy

The Food Growing Strategy sets out our vision to help people grow more food in Edinburgh, encourage people to buy and eat more locally grown food and improve awareness of sustainable food across the city.

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20-minute neighbourhood strategy

Information about 20-minute neighbourhoods and how we're working with communities to help people access most of their daily needs within a short walk or wheel from their home.

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