Future Council

The Council needs to work differently if we are to deliver our priorities in a way that is

  • financially sustainable
  • meets the needs of Edinburgh residents.

We have big ambitions for Edinburgh, but every year we have less money available to deliver them with. At the same time, we need to reflect that the world around us is changing. We need to adapt and modernise our services  to respond to that change.

We will also need to empower others. By working with partners, we will 

  • make sure there is no wrong door for people to get support
  • tailor our services around people who need help
  • make sure people in our care are safe and protected.

We need to have a more inclusive culture, where people

  • feel safe
  • are able to raise concerns and potential risks

knowing that we’ll respond to them fairly and effectively.

By delivering this Council Business Plan, we can make sure that our future council is:

  • clear about its priorities and focused on delivery
  • more empowering of local communities, residents, colleagues, and partners
  • determined there will be no 'wrong door' to find support
  • digitally enabled and accessible
  • more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming
  • a more efficient organisation with the right buildings in the right places to meet service needs
  • financially sustainable, delivering a balanced budget
  • open and transparent in our decision making.

Through these outcomes, our Business Plan is the golden thread linking and driving the priorities for delivery across all our key Council wide strategies and plans.

Illustration with Edinburgh landmarks with silhouettes of people moving around, using different transport

Council business plan 2023 to 2027

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