Food growing strategy

Growing Locally

Growing Locally is Edinburgh’s first food growing strategy. It has three main aims

1. To grow more food in Edinburgh

This includes creating more land for growing and making sure growing supports local wildlife and plants.

2. Encourage people to buy and eat more locally grown food

This includes encouraging businesses to stock more local produce, supporting local food businesses and creating new opportunities to sell food.

By doing this, we hope to tackle food insecurity in the city by using a ‘cash first’ approach. This builds income security and supports the recommendations of the Edinburgh Poverty Commission. It means people have access to emergency food provision when they need it, in a way that is joined up, and maintains dignity and respect.

3. Improve awareness of and engagement in sustainable food across the city

This includes increasing awareness of sustainable food and its benefits. It also aims to get more people and communities involved in and benefit from, growing food, providing support and training where needed.

Benefits of local food growing

Growing food is good for people and communities. It can

  • improve people's physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • bring people together and reduce isolation
  • help people enjoy good quality, healthy food by making it easier to get fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables
  • encourage people to learn new skills, build a sense of pride and self-esteem
  • reduce food waste and the carbon emissions associated with the growing, transporting and selling of food
  • develop more sustainable green spaces and improve biodiversity
  • support local businesses to thrive and grow.

Download Growing Locally, Edinburgh’s first food growing strategy (PDF).