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New Liberton

New Liberton High School

Creating a new sense of local community in Edinburgh’s outskirts

Housing in Liberton was historically built across a wide area without a traditional town centre. This has caused differences in how some local people have been able to experience community life.

The 20-Minute Neighbourhood programme aims to better connect the community. It will work to increase opportunities for generations to come together through friendly activities that tackle loneliness and health inequalities. Local people should also be able to experience new work and lifelong learning opportunities in the area.

New affordable housing across Liberton will be supported by local services, amenities and connected active travel routes. Open green spaces will be designed to help improve both physical and mental health and support biodiversity.

The scheme centres on a community hub at Liberton High School. Expected to open in 2025, this multi-purpose facility will include a community café, library and planned GP surgery. New sports facilities will feature bookable amenities for the whole community including a fitness suite and dance studio.

The New Liberton is putting local people at the heart of everything, giving each person the ability to participate in all community, cultural and heritage activities.

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