Apply for planning permission

Pre-application advice

In some cases we can advise you before you make a planning application in line with the Edinburgh Planning Concordat. There is a charge for pre-application advice.

Before requesting pre-application advice read our customer service guide. The guide sets out the level of service you will receive and the charges.

Contact the planning helpdesk for general planning enquiries.

What we advise on

We don't usually provide bespoke pre-application advice on

  • householder developments
  • advertising and signage
  • simple changes of use / alterations.

Advice on proposals of this nature can be accessed in the planning quick guides.

In exceptional cases, for example complex or sensitive developments, we may be able to provide advice. This is on a case-by-case basis at team managers’ discretion. Contact us to discuss this. 

Advice on non-material variations does not fall within the scope of the service. Contact the relevant case officer for advice on non-material variations.

Request advice

To request pre-application advice, please complete the request form and submit it to the Council electronically along with any supporting information. The more information you provide, the more comprehensive the advice you receive will be.

Request pre-application advice

You can pay for pre-application advice by

  • credit card
  • debit card
  • BACS.

When completing the request form, specify how you wish to pay and who will be making payment.

We cannot take payment via our payment unit at this time.

To pay by credit or debit card, we will email the person you have identified as making payment to request that they phone the Council to make payment. We will no longer phone customers to take payment directly for security reasons. Receipts will be issued by post if requested.

To pay by BACS, our bank details are

Royal Bank of Scotland

account number: 00740589

sort code: 83 06 08.

Email pre application advice a screenshot of the payment confirmation. Please do not pay until we have contacted you to acknowledge that the request form is valid.

The City of Edinburgh Council service areas can pay by internal journal transfer. Please include a folio code in the request form. Please note that VAT is not payable on internal journal transfers.