Help if you're worried about money

Money won't stretch far enough

Sometimes our income can't cover all our expendatures each month. If you are

  • deciding between food, fuel, mobile credit,
  • on a low income or zero hours contract,
  • have Statutory Sick Pay too low to cover costs
  • not sure if eligible for support
  • in a change of circumstance e.g. new baby, bereavement, illness, left partner,

the following help may be available to you. 

Options available to you

Here are some options that are available to your in your financial situation.

Check your weekly budget

Most money advisors would ask you to complete a weekly budget to see where your money is spent and see if there is anywhere you can make some savings.

Complete a budget plan

Maximise your income

If your budget shows that there is no gap between your income and your spending then you may be able to maximise your income by claiming benefits. Anyone who is struggling financially can complete a benefit check. A benefit check can ensure that you are receiving all the money you’re entitled to, especially if your circumstances have changed recently.

Check your entitlements to benefits.

Explore affordable credit options

If you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to and you still do not have enough money to afford all your expenses, there may be the option to apply for affordable credit rather than turning to high cost loans which can lead to longer term problems such as debt.

The following companies offer affordable credit options for a range of circumstances

Getting help with these options

Get help and benefits advice

Our help page gives essential contact information.

Illegal money lending

This video highlights the dangers of seeking money from loansharks. Don't let yourself become a victim to illegal money lending.