Lightning Reach

Get help with money quick and easy

Lightning Reach is a free online portal that helps you find and apply for different types of financial support in one place, quickly and safely. This includes

  • grants from charities
  • funding from your local council
  • help with your bills.

By filling in their form you'll be able to see all the support available to you by answering a few questions. The portal will then let you know what support you might be able to get. It will also keep you updated if more options become available.

You can apply through the portal for many different sources of support, without having to give the same information over and over again.

The portal collects a lot of the information organisations need to assess your application. This makes it faster for you to get the help you need.

Lightning Reach is safe to use because it uses modern and secure technology to protect your information. This keeps your details and documents safe.

If support is not available for you on the portal right away, we are always adding new support options and will let you know when new support is added.

Family and Household support

Telephone: 0131 469 5150