Help if you're worried about money

Waiting on a benefit payment or decision

Time delays to receiving benefit payments can leave you worried about money. If you

  • made a new claim for benefit,
  • have delayed benefit payment or are
  • waiting for a benefit decision,

the following options could help you with your financial struggles.

Options available to you

Here are some options that are available to your in your financial situation

Scottish Welfare Fund

People on low incomes may be able to get a crisis grant from the Council. This is a payment to help you cope during an emergency or disaster, or due to unexpected expenses. Crisis grants do not have to be paid back.

More information on the Scottish Welfare Fund.

Benefit advance

If you have made a new claim for benefit and are in financial hardship while you wait for your first payment, you may be able to get an advance to afford things like rent or food. It’s important to get advice before taking out an advance. Benefit advances must be paid back, and the money will be taken from your future benefit payments.

Get an advance on your first benefit payment.

Getting help with these options

Get help and benefits advice

Our help page gives essential contact information.