Help if you're worried about money

Where to get help

Speak to a debt advisor

Speaking to an advisor could also help you find cheaper deals on things like gas and electricity and make sure you’re not missing out on things like school clothing grants or free school meals.

Get debt and benefits advice.

Each of these services can offer free and confidential advice.

The Advice Shop

Advice on welfare rights, benefits, crisis grants and all types of debt.

Call 0131 200 2360


Advice shop webpage

Citizens Advice Edinburgh

Advice on benefits, debt, money, housing and more.

Call 0131 510 5510

Citizens advice webpage

Community Help and Advice Initiative

Help with welfare rights, debt and housing advice.

Call 0131 442 2100


Community help and advice initiative webpage

Granton Information Centre

Advice on welfare rights, housing, rent arrears, debt and money.

Call 0131 551 2459 or 0131 552 0458


Scottish Welfare Fund

Crisis grants to cover the cost of an emergency.

Call 0131 529 5299


Scottish Welfare Fund webpage

Map of agencies providing advice

The map below shows the location of agencies that can provide support and assistance. Click the dots on the map for services and contact details.

Pink dotGP practices
Dark blue dotCitizens Advice Bureau
Light green dotHousing association
Dark green dotVoluntary sector
Light blue dotThe City of Edinburgh Council