Strategic parking review

Information for live zones

New Controlled Parking Zones have been introduced in the following areas, as shown on the maps linked to below:


Go-live date

N6 (Abbeyhill)

4 September 2023

N7 (Leith Walk / Pilrig)

26 June 2023

N8 (Leith / North Leith)

26 June 2023

S5 (Shandon)

23 October 2023

S6 (Gorgie) *

20 November 2023

S7 (B8 priority parking area)

20 November 2023

New North Zones - N6, N7 and N8

New South Zones - S5, S6 and S7

* Controls have only been introduced in the eastern part of Zone S6 at present whilst we carry out additional surveys in the western part of the S6 Zone. That monitoring will help us to understand to what extent parking pressures have relocated. A decision on the scope and timescale for implementing the remainder of S6 will be taken once we have analysed the survey results.

The new controls will mean that, during the controlled hours Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm, all parking is controlled. During those hours all kerbside space will be managed by yellow lines or parking places. Some restrictions such as double yellow lines and some parking places like disabled bays and car club bays operate 24 hours a day.

Most parking places will be a mix of permit holder only, shared use which can be used by permit holders and visitors paying to park and pay and display bays, with signage situated at each parking place confirming the restrictions that apply.

Find out more about all of the parking restrictions that apply across Edinburgh.

Pay and display

The parking charge for pay and display parking in zones N1 to N8 and S1 to S7 will be £3.10 per hour.

The signage at the pay and display and shared use parking places will indicate the maximum stay period for paying customers. Maximum stay periods do not apply to resident permit holders in shared parking places and the relevant RingGo parking code for that location. Payment for parking can be made using the available pay and display ticket machines, or through the RingGo cashless parking service.

Please note that the new pay and display ticket machines will only accept contactless payments and will not be able to accept cash.

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading is permitted from designated loading bays, with relevant signs at the bay displaying any applicable maximum loading periods. Loading and unloading is also permitted for up to 30 minutes in permit and shared use parking places and on both single and double yellow lines where there is no loading prohibition in place, providing the vehicle is actively engaged in loading activities at all times.

If longer periods are required for loading and unloading then this can be facilitated by parking dispensations or through the suspension of parking bays.

Find out more information on parking dispensations and suspensions.