Strategic parking review

When we will be working in your area

Work started installing the required signs and road markings for the new parking restrictions in March 2023.

Status update

  • Zones N6 (Abbeyhill), N7 (Leith Walk / Pilrig), N8 (Leith / North Leith) and S6 (Gorgie) – all zones are now live.
  • Zones S5 (Shandon) and S7 (B8 Priority Parking Area) – zones will go live on 20 November 2023.

View plans showing the new restrictions


We will be monitoring those areas closest to the new parking controls, and carry out surveys before work starts, during implementation and after the work is complete. These surveys will help us to understand whether there has been any migration of parking pressures and will help us decide what action might be needed.

How this will affect you?

While we're putting in the signs and road markings we will need access to your street. You may have to park elsewhere while we work in your street. The clearer streets are during the work, the quicker the work will be completed.

Where will I park during the work?

We will work street by street, across different parts of the new zones so you will be able to park in neighbouring streets.

Do I need a permit to park?

Parking controls will only be applied after work is complete across your new zone. We will send out details of when and how to apply for a permit when work nears completion.

More information on the permits that the Council issues

Will I need to pay to park?

Parking charges will only be introduced after the work is complete. We will contact residents and businesses when work nears completion with everything you need to know.

Why do we need new lines and signs?

To make sure that we can effectively manage parking, we do need to introduce new signs and road markings. We will keep these to the minimum required. If possible, we will attach signs to existing buildings and railings. We will contact residents or businesses to get permission to do this.