Local Place Plan

City Plan 2040

We are starting to think about City Plan 2040. This will be the next local development plan after City Plan 2030.

City Plan 2040 will include information on decisions like

  • where new homes will be built, what kind of homes are built and ensure the services that people need are within easy reach
  • making sure there are enough places of work within the city
  • improving walking, wheeling and cycling routes and access to public transport
  • protecting the natural environment, and where it can be better connected for the wellbeing of people and animal life
  • how we adapt and deal with problems like flooding.

New for City Plan 2040: Local Place Plans

Local Place Plans are a new type of plan introduced by the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019. They give you the opportunity to create your own plan or proposals for the development and use of land within your own community.

This means communities can better collaborate with us, as we must take into account registered Local Place Plans when preparing City Plan 2040.

Every place or community within Edinburgh is different. The Local Place Plan is a chance for you to shape the future of a place by creating a plan that addresses local needs or concerns. It is an opportunity to shape planning policy and development proposals.