Local Place Plan

Local Place Plan essentials

You need to

  • be a properly constituted community body
  • think about the area of Edinburgh you are going to cover – it can be as small or big as you want
  • involve as many people as possible within your community in developing the Local Place Plan.

There is no right or wrong way to develop each plan, as it will depend on the resources you have available. However, it must include a map that shows the land to which the plan relates and a statement of the proposal for the use or development of land within the plan area.

The plan can be a very simple and short document and does not need to be stylised - a Microsoft Word document and a map can be enough. Please ensure your document is accessible and can be used by everyone regardless of disability or method of access.

We have produced a template to help you think about what you could include, but it is not a requirement to use this.

Ideally, Local Place Plans are submitted for the start of the plan preparation stage of City Plan 2040. Our next Development Plan Scheme will provide more information on the City Plan 2040 timetable and when Local Place Plans should be ready for. Plans submitted after any future deadlines will be still taken into account as part of the ongoing planning process.