Licences and permits applications

Upload an application form and make payment

Please complete one of our forms below to submit and pay for your licence application online. This will ensure that your completed application form, miscellaneous request form, any supporting documents and payment are received at the same time.

Before you apply

You must have the application form, miscellaneous request form and any required supporting documents in an electronic format.

If you’re using a paper copy of the form, you will need to complete and sign the form before scanning or taking a photo of the document using a digital camera, smart phone or tablet.

If you do not have access to a scanner, there are scanning apps available to download which will allow you to take pictures of paper documents and convert them into one PDF document containing multiple pages. The most frequently used are Microsoft Lens and Adobe Scan, both of which are free to download.

Please make sure that all information on the documents, forms or images is clear and can be easily read. If we cannot read your documents properly, it may prevent us from processing your application. Please also ensure that all scanned documents or images are the correct way up, in the correct order, and uploaded as a single document, not as individual pages.

You should also have a debit or credit card to make payment as your application will not be considered complete until the correct payment has been made.

If you are submitting an application for a Short Term Let Licence, please use the Civic and miscellaneous licensing form.

We have reintroduced face to face document checks for all Taxi and Private Hire Driver applications. The document checks do not need to be booked, anyone making an application should visit the Vehicle Examination Centre, 33 Murrayburn Road, EH14 2TF to have their documents checked and submitted.  The Vehicle Examination centre is open Monday to Thursday from 08.30 to 17.00 and  08.30 to 15.55 on Friday

Submit and pay for your licence application