Licences and permits applications

Licensing Hub

Front building of taxi examination centre.

Important information 

As a result of structural issues it has become necessary to relocate part of the Taxi Examination Office from Monday 14th November 2022. 
The Office will relocate to the front right hand side of the building facing onto Murrayburn Road, and has been renamed the Licensing Hub.

The Licensing Hub will continue to operate with additional hours allocated for the inspection of new vehicles and retests.
As a result of the change it is necessary to re-arrange a number of examinations and owners will be contacted individually to reschedule appointments.


If you have applied, we will contact you with an appointment letter which will confirm the date and time when you should present your vehicle for inspection. The test booking can only be changed if there are exceptional reasons provided.

Late Cancellations and 'No Shows'

if you do not turn up on the day of your test or cancel the test within 7 days of the booked examination, you will need to pay a cancellation fee in order to have a test rebooked

Before the inspection

  • please ensure you have submitted your renewal licence application - note we only accept online or electronic forms and payments
  • paid the correct fee.
  • your application and fee must be submitted at least 7 days prior to your test date to avoid any delays in issuing the plates and compliance certificate.

Prepare your vehicle

You must prepare your vehicle for inspection:

  • ensure the underside and engine bay are free from road dirt, excess oil and grease.
  • prepare the engine for a smoke and emissions test. 
  • your vehicle must comply with all current licensing conditions as set out by the City of Edinburgh Council.

We will not take any responsibility for engine damage.

At the centre

On arrival at the Licensing Hub, please proceed to the reception area counter and present your:

  • V5 document
  • certificate of insurance ( we cannot accept electronic documents)
  • proof of submission of your renewal application and payment 

After checking, your V5 and insurance document will be returned to you. Your key will be passed to the vehicle examiner conducting the inspection. 

The inspection will take approximately one hour to complete. Whilst it is being conducted, please wait in the designated waiting area.

After the Inspection

Once the inspection is complete a member of staff will call your name and plate number and return your keys.  You will be notified of the result of the inspection at this point.  If your vehicle has passed, you will be asked to remove the old plates from the vehicle and return them to the member of staff.  You will be given your new brackets and asked to fit them in the allocated area. Once the brackets have been fitted, advise a member of staff who will then fit your new plates and issue your compliance certificate. 

Please note there are no tools available for removing plates at the licenisng hub.

Vehicle retest process

We only accept online or electronic forms and payments

To request a retest for your vehicle, you must complete a Miscellaneous request form and make payment using our online submission form

Once we have the necessary information, a test will be booked and you will receive an email with a confirmation of date and time of your retest.