Licences and permits applications

Taxi and private hire car driver training - new applicants

From 2 November 2020 anyone applying for a new taxi or private hire car driver licence must complete the foundation level training course.

Training delivery

The course consists of four online training sessions that last two hours each. At the end of the course there is an assessment which must be passed.

Course content

Attending the course and passing the assessment is now part of the licence application process. 

Each online session covers a different module.

Module 1

  • Why the trade is licensed and regulated.
  • Meeting the requirements for grant of a new licence and renewal of licence.
  • Working within the conditions of licence.

Module 2

  • Ensuring the licensed vehicle is safe and suitable for public transport.
  • Ensuring the vehicle meets the conditions of licence.
  • Vehicle inspections.

Module 3

  • Factors that affect driving performance. 
  • Ensuring passenger comfort and safety.
  • Equality and anti-discrimination.
  • Supporting customers who require special assistance.

Module 4

  • Delivering an excellent service.
  • Customer communication skills.
  • Effective complaint handling.

Course fees and booking form

The fee for the foundation course is £98 which includes the assessment

Download foundation course booking form - August 2024
Download foundation course booking form - September 2024 
Download foundation course booking form - October 2024
Download foundation course booking form - November 2024
Download foundation course booking form - December 2024

Topographical assessment - new taxi drivers only

In addition to the foundation level training course, before a new taxi driver licence can be granted applicants must complete and pass the Council's topographical assessment which aims to ensure that all taxi drivers have knowledge of the city including the layout of roads, streets, places of interest and the location of landmarks.

The fee for one assessment is included within the new driver application fee. You can also apply for the topographical assessment without making an application for a new taxi driver’s licence. The fee for a single assessment is £83 and must be booked in advance

Download a list of upcoming assessment dates and booking form