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A warm welcome

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Council venues such as libraries, community centres, museums and galleries, alongside partner and community spaces, have free activities for a variety of age groups and provide a spaces where people feel safe, warm, and at ease. In certain spaces residents are able to access information to help alleviate food and fuel poverty and other support available to them.

Warm and welcoming spaces activities

Click on the buttons below to find free welcoming spaces, events and activities near you, if you cannot use our map below.

This winter there continues to be a great range of places across Edinburgh where you will always receive a warm welcome.

Come along and meet up with your friends, learn something new or just have some time to chill out and have a cuppa. Enjoy our movie matinees in our libraries, visit a local community project for dance, food pantries or yoga, or take the kids along to one of our community centres for some arts and crafts.

The map below gives the locations of our welcoming spaces across the city. To use the map, simply click on any of the locations and a separate box will open to the left hand side of the map with general information about the space. If you click the link in the box, a new page will open with more information about the space, the organisation and activities. We are regularly adding more welcoming spaces, events and activities to this map.

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If you are an organisation and want to get involved in a warm welcome, please email us.