Corstorphine Connections

We're proposing a safer and more comfortable environment for residents walking, cycling, wheeling and spending time in the local streets and outdoor spaces of Corstorphine.

To meet these objectives, we’re considering the development of a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in the area.

An LTN is a group of residential streets where through traffic or intrusive traffic is removed but all addresses remain accessible by vehicles when required. HGVs and non-local traffic use the main or strategic roads instead.

We are currently seeking your views on this project. Read more about our proposals and take part in our online survey.

The project area

The project area lies to the south of St John’s Road.

Community engagement

From 8 February to 5 March 2021, we gathered your feedback to help develop the LTN proposal. Further consultations with the local community and key stakeholders will be held to develop proposals for public realm improvements and look for feedback on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce through traffic.

Next stage

Following community engagement with 

  • local groups
  • accessibility forums
  • emergency services

the proposal will be considered by the Council's Transport and Environment Committee in June.

If approved, the LTN layout will be implemented as an experimental traffic order to trial the measures. We will monitor effects throughout the trial period by surveying the number and speed of vehicles using the streets and community experiences. 

In line with the ETRO process, within 18 months a decision will be made on whether to make the changes permanent.