Corstorphine Connections

Changes to the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) - from January 2024

School streets timings and improved parking for Manse Road residents

One of the main objectives of the trial has been to improve the safety and ease of movement for children at the two primary schools in the area.

One of the measures has been to continue the ‘School Streets’ restrictions, which prohibit traffic from using streets by school entrances during the start and end of the school day, with an exemption for residents of the street. These restrictions operate Monday to Friday 8am - 10am and Monday to Thursday 2pm - 4pm, and 11am - 1 pm Friday.

Through the trial, we have looked at

  • the traffic data for the streets
  • timings of school activities
  • feedback from residents of the streets
  • feedback from the head teachers

As a result, we are changing the ETRO to reduce the length of the morning ‘School Streets’ restriction from 8am-10am to 8am-9.30am. Afternoon restrictions will not change. We are trialling this to give more flexibility for deliveries and visitors by motor vehicle to residents on these streets. As school drop off finishes before 9.30am, the change will not affect road safety for school children.

Manse Road

Some Manse Road residents have told us that they find parking challenging because of the parking restrictions near 27-31 Manse Road. These restrictions were introduced so that a large refuse lorry could turn left if required. We have changed this so we can remove these parking restrictions.