Corstorphine Connections

How we are monitoring and evaluating the project

We are monitoring a range of ‘before’ and ‘after’ data sets to assess the impact of the scheme.

Indicators that we measure include:

  • Traffic counts and speeds
  • Pedestrian and cycle counts
  • Air quality surveys
  • Noise surveys
  • Community feedback
  • Business feedback

Information gathered as part of this will be used to guide future recommendations and decisions on the experimental parts of the project. 

This monitoring is being undertaken at key stages throughout the trial so we can track the influences of the changes introduced, such as those starting on 8 January 2024.

Download the monitoring and evaluation plan

Download the pre-implementation data

Download the 1 month post implementation traffic count data 

The views of residents and shoppers in the area were gathered between March and July 2022.

Download the findings in the market research report 2022

In October 2023, we had a second independent survey carried out to find out what residents within the project area and those using local businesses felt about the trial changes. 

Download the findings from the market research report 2023

Download the findings from the post 6 month monitoring report 2024