Corstorphine Connections


Planters and benches Featherhall Crescent

Phase 1

We have completed the work for phase 1. We have added planting and seating and created safer spaces outside local primary schools. 

Other changes include

  • a no entry north bound on Featherhall Avenue at the junction with St John’s Road
  • a bus gate on Manse Road at the junction with St John’s Road which operates Monday to Friday 8am to 10am and 2.45pm to 6.30pm
  • bollard protection to prevent pavement parking on Kirk Loan
  • pencil bollards to replace existing temporary cones at the junction with Meadow Place Road and Featherhall Crescent.

Phase 2

Work started in August 2023 to widen pavements and reduce pedestrian crossing distances at key locations below. This will make it easier and safer for people walking in thePhoto showing latest work to widen pavements on Corstorphine High Street area.

  • Corstorphine High Street
  • Junction of Featherhall Terrace at Featherhall Avenue
  • Junction of Kirk Loan at Saughton Road North
  • Junction of Dovecot Road at Ladywell Avenue
  • Junction of Featherhall Avenue at Ladywell Road
  • Junction of Saughton Road North at Roull Road and Broomfield Crescent

The majority of construction work has been completed and the team is now focusing on minor works and snagging which will be finished in the coming months.Photo showing latest work on Corstorphine High Street

Road safety audits

We have commissioned independent road safety audits of the trial project at the design and construction stages of each of the two phases of the project.

The recommendations of the reporting organisation, that carried out the audit, are intended to indicate viable ways of removing or mitigating an identified issue. The project team then determines what design changes should be implemented. You can find a project team response at the end of the report which details the design changes to the project in response to the audit.

Read the road safety audit, stage 3 - phase 1

Read the road safety audit, stage 1 and 2 - phase 2