Corstorphine Connections

How we have engaged with the community

We have engaged with the local community at each stage of the project.

Stage 1 engagment - spring 2021

We asked for people’s views on the condition of the streets within the area for travelling locally and to identify issues and opportunities.

What you told us

  • 52% of respondents felt that safety of streets and a lack of safe road crossings (18%) were key barriers preventing more walking, wheeling and cycling in the local area.
  • 51% of respondents felt that speeds and volumes of traffic were very unsafe or slightly unsafe for children walking or cycling.
  • A lack of cycling facilities, narrow pavements and conditions of roads were also raised as barriers to walking, wheeling and cycling.
  • Key locations where these issues/barriers were identified are Saughton Road North, Corstorphine High Street, Manse Road and St John's Road.

Download the report on the findings from the Stage 1 engagement

Stage 2 engagement - summer 2021

We developed a concept design taking account of traffic data, background information and findings from the first stage of engagement and shared the concept design with the community.

The following engagement activities took place:

  • Leaflets sent to all households and businesses within the proposed area, including the surrounding boundary roads.
  • Information shared via press releases and social media.
  • Lamp post wraps at key local locations.
  • Public co-design style workshops.
  • Door to door visits and leaflet drop to all businesses within the project area.
  • Community reference group meetings, including representatives from community councils, parent councils, community organisations, local groups, local business representatives, and local members of the Edinburgh Access Panel, Living Streets and Spokes.
  • Meetings with community council representatives.
  • Presentation to the local Rotary Club.
  • Briefings with elected members, relevant Council services, the emergency services and the Edinburgh Access Panel.

Read more about the findings from this stage of the engagement in the stage 2 engagement report

October and November 2021

We asked the community for their views on a set of placemaking designs to improve the look and feel of the area. The designs included ideas such as pocket parks, colourful road surfacing, planters and pencil shaped bollards.

Read more about the findings from the placemaking engagement with the community

Read the School Streets Placemaking Engagement report

Pupils from Corstorphine and Carrick Knowe primary schools came up with designs for new gates and fence panels which are now in place.

Download the enagement report on artistic works produced by local school children

24 May to 23 November 2023

We ran a six month ETRO consulation period where anyone could comment on the measures that have been introduced.