Council house repairs

One of the easiest and quickest ways to log a Council home repair is to use our online form below.

Request a Council home repair

You can also request a Council home repair by

  • emailing [email protected]
  • phoning 0131 200 2345 from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday
  • phoning from a free phone at any of our locality offices.

Out of hours emergency repairs

For out of hours emergency repairs, from 6pm to 8am weekdays and during weekends phone

0131 200 2000.

Stair lighting

You can request a stair lighting repair using the form below if you live in a stair where there are council houses.

The Council will no longer maintain stair lighting in blocks where all properties are privately owned.

Request a stair lighting repair

Private sector

Contact the Link group if you are a Private Sector Leasing tenant.

Council House Repairs policy

You can download a copy of the Council House Repairs policy below.

Download the Council House Repairs policy (PDF 21 KB)

Right to Repair

The Right to Repair scheme means we will pay you compensation if we don't meet the required timescales for some repairs.  Right to Repair scheme repairs must

  • have an estimated value of £350 or less
  • be a qualifying repair.

Download the Right to Repair scheme for Council tenants (PDF 305 KB)

Rechargeable Repairs

We may ask you to pay for some repairs. These are called rechargeable repairs. They include repairs which you, your family or visitors have caused

  • deliberately
  • accidentally
  • due to neglect.

We won't charge for repairs if you are vulnerable. This includes mental health or other health problems, support needs, or because you have been a victim of crime.

We pay for repairs which are due to fair wear and tear or due to their age.

If you do not pay the charges you owe you will not be able to move to another council house.

Download the Rechargable Repairs policy (PDF 21 KB)

Edinburgh Shared Repairs Service

Address: Waverley Court,
4 East Market Street,

Telephone: 0131 529 6778

Under One Roof

Impartial advice on repairs and maintenance for flat owners in Scotland