Council house repairs


As your landlord, the Council is responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure of the property that you live in. This includes

  • walls, floors and ceilings
  • window frames and external doors
  • roofs, drain pipes and gutters
  • kitchen and bathroom main fixtures (toilets, baths, basins, sinks, gas and water pipes)
  • heating equipment (fires, radiators, storage heaters and panel heaters)
  • water heating equipment (boilers and immersion heaters)
  • electrical fittings (light switches, light fittings, sockets, wiring and mains operated smoke detectors)
  • steps and access paths (not garden paths), fences and walls in and around public areas but not between neighbours
  • communal areas around the property (stairs, lifts, landings, some lighting, entrance halls, paving, bin store doors and rubbish chutes)
  • carrying out annual gas servicing and other safety checks.

Your responsibility

As a tenant, you are responsible for minor repairs such as

  • fittings that you installed such as shelves, built-in wardrobes and laminate flooring
  • fitting additional locks
  • resetting tripped switches, fuses and normal home lightbulbs
  • basic plumbing blockages
  • testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • repairing minor cracks and holes in walls and ceilings that can be filled before decorating
  • all internal decoration
  • tv aerials unless installed by us
  • maintenance of fences, gates, driveways and garden structures not put in place by us.

You should also

  • report any criminal damage or vandalism to the police
  • take action to prevent further damage to your home
  • take action to avoid condensation by ventilating your home
  • allow us access to carry out repairs and maintenance
  • repair any damage that you, your family or visitors cause
  • get written permission before making alterations to your home.

View the repair guides and policies

Keeping our staff safe

We want to give you a high quality service and we promise to treat you with respect. We know that having a problem in your home can be difficult and frustrating but our team members are there to help. Abuse, violence or threats to our team members on the phone, online or in person will not be tolerated.

Please help us by treating our staff with respect.

What to do if you're not happy with your repair

We know that sometimes things can go wrong. We want to help put things right as quickly as possible and to do this we have created a dedicated resolution team. The resolution team handle repair based complaints and will work with tenants, service users, repair staff and contractors to try and find a solution.

If you want to report an incident or tell us when something has gone wrong you can make a complaint.

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Cost of living help

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