Council house repairs

Gas safety

Ask to change a gas safety appointment or tell us about a problem

We will maintain all gas appliances and systems that we have installed in your home. We must carry out a safety inspection every year and provide you with a certificate.

All tenants must allow access for this vital inspection to take place. We will make three attempts to gain access.

Force of law entry

If we are unable to gain access we will begin legal proceedings to force access. We will make a final attempt to visit your home and this appointment date is final. If you let us in we will not change your locks.

If you do not let us into your home we will replace the lock and leave your keys at the neighbourhood office. We will also recover the cost of this lock change from you.

Gas safety is vital to protect you, your home and those around you from potential harm.

Your own gas appliances or systems

You must get permission before installing any new gas appliances or systems. If you choose to have your own gas heating system installed we will inspect this to make sure it is safe and the ownership will transfer to the Council. We will then be responsible for annual maintenance.

Gas appliances remain your responsibility. We will visually inspect these items each year and shut off the gas supply if we think the appliance is unsafe.

If you smell gas

If you smell gas you should phone the National Gas Emergency service immediately on

0800 111 999

or via textphone (minicom) on

0800 371 787.

You can also use the SignLive app if you are a British Sign Language user.

Carbon monoxide

If you think there are high levels of carbon monoxide in your home, or your alarm goes off please

  • open all doors and windows
  • move everyone into the fresh air
  • phone 0800 111 999.

If someone has collapsed or is displaying severe symptoms, seek medical help by phoning



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Cost of living help

Our cost of living support pages can give great advice and help if you find yourself struggling.

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