Council house repairs

Reporting a repair

The Housing Service is responsible for the maintenance and repair of council homes.

Non-emergency repair

Request a repair

You can use this form to

  • Tell us about a repair in or around your home
  • Let us know about damp, mould or condensation
  • Report a stair lighting problem

Someone from Repairs Direct will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment. Do not phone or submit another form during this time as it could result in your request being duplicated.

Please note this is a high demand service. We recommend using the online form for all non-emergency repairs and that you avoid our phone line during peak times between 8am and 9.00am, and 12pm and 2pm.

Emergency repairs

If your repair is an emergency, it is something that needs to be fixed quickly because it is a danger to health or safety. If you have an emergency repair, you should call us on 0131 200 2345.

Your repair is likely an emergency if it relates to:

  • broken glass
  • leaks you cannot stop or contain
  • loss of heating or hot water
  • loss of power or lights
  • a front door that will not close or lock
  • window that will not close or can be opened from the outside
  • smoke alarms
  • co2 detectors

Emergencies are our highest priority and we aim to get someone out as quickly as possible. During periods of high demand this might mean someone coming out in the evening or over the weekend

Out of hours

If you have an emergency repair before 8am, after 5pm or over the weekend or on bank holidays you can still report this to our out of hours team by calling

0131 200 2000

Feedback and shaping our service

We are working hard to improve your experience when telling us about a repair or reporting a problem around your home.

The online form has an option to provide feedback and we welcome all comments. Let us know what works well and where you might have struggled.

Private owners

Find more information about shared repairs and maintenance if you are a private owner.

Keeping our staff safe

We want to give you a high quality service and we promise to treat you with respect. We know that having a problem in your home can be difficult and frustrating but our team members are there to help. Abuse, violence or threats to our team members on the phone, online or in person will not be tolerated.

Please help us by treating our staff with respect.

When something has gone wrong

We know that sometimes things can go wrong. We want to help put things right as quickly as possible and to do this we have a dedicated team. The Resolution Team handle repair based complaints and will work with tenants, service users, repair staff and contractors to try and find a solution.

If you want to report an incident or tell us when something has gone wrong you can make a complaint.