Residents’ permit information and guidance

Changing your vehicle

If you need to use a courtesy car for up to 14 days, you should email us

You need to provide proof of your vehicle being off the road and evidence linking you to the temporary vehicle. You cannot park until your request has been confirmed by residents parking section via email.

If you replace a car permanently we need documentation linking you to the new vehicle, such as insurance, vehicle registration document or garage invoice.  You cannot park your new vehicle until we have approved your request.

If there will be an overlapping period when you will have two vehicles, we can issue a permit for up to five days. 

Please note that if you are changing to a diesel vehicle you will be subject to a £50 annual surcharge.

If you are replacing an existing diesel vehicle and have not already paid a surcharge you will be liable for the charge upon making the change.

If you sell your car or move out of a controlled area, you must cancel your permit online. We will refund you your unused time, less a £10 admin charge. You may receive a parking ticket if you continue to use a parking permit after you have moved out of the area.

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