Residents’ permit information and guidance

You can only apply for a parking permit for the home you live in. Permits help you park closer to your home during the day.

There is a limit of one permit per person and two permits per household.

Download residents' permits terms and conditions PDF, 50 KB Please contact if you need help with this PDF.

Applications for more than one permit

Permit 1 is the first person to apply for a permit in a household. Permit 2 is the second person to apply from the same address. There is a surcharge on second permits. For more details on second permits, see the terms and conditions.

Permit parking

A residents' parking permit does not guarantee you a parking place. Your permit only applies to your zone or priority parking area where you live.

Park your vehicle fully within a permit holders or shared use parking place within your zone.

'Permit holders only' parking places have signs with your zone or area number and the words 'Permit Holders Only' painted on the road. Words are not painted on the road in priority parking places.

Shared use parking places have signs saying Permit Holders or Pay at Machine, with the related zone number.

A parking permit does not entitle the holder to park on yellow or red lines or in places reserved for other users, such as disabled people or car club vehicles.

Being a holder of a valid permit does not exempt you from the LEZ regulations.

Find which zone you live in.


Residents' Parking

If you have any problems, please email us in the first instance. We will be able to resolve most issues this way.