Residents’ permit information and guidance

Permit purchase

You can buy residents' permits in 3, 6 or 12 month periods. Unless you're applying for a Band 1 permit which is only available as a 12 month permit. 

Please note, first time or new applications for a residents’ parking permit are now subject to a £50 annual surcharge for all diesel fuelled vehicles.  Existing residents, with diesel fuelled vehicles will be exempt from the surcharge for a 3-year period.  Permit holders are responsible for renewing their permit on time.  If you allow your permit to expire and therefore, need to complete a new application, the surcharge will apply.  Find out more about the diesel surcharge.

Exempt permits

Motorcyclists and disabled persons' blue badge holders can apply for a residents' permit free of charge.  You will not be subject to the diesel surcharge.

Merged permits

A merged parking permit allows two vehicles to be registered on one permit. Only one vehicle can use the permit at any time. The price of these permits will be based on the vehicle with the higher CO2 emissions or engine size band.

Since April 2021, all residents' permits are issued electronically. You will now be able to switch your merged permit between vehicles easily via your online account. Log into your permit account, and under “manage permits” click into your permit and then click into the “vehicles” tab and you will see which vehicle is currently selected as the primary vehicle. You should check the relevant box to indicate which is the primary vehicle.  Only the vehicle marked as the primary will show as having a valid permit.

Please ensure you remember to swap the permit to the relevant vehicle online or you may receive a parking ticket.

If you require any help accessing your account please email