Equality and diversity framework 2021 to 2025


The diagram below summarises the governance structure which will lead and steer the implementation of this plan and progress in meeting its objectives.

The Operational Equalities Working Group will provide the Elected Members Equality Working Group with quarterly briefings on progress.

Policy and Sustainability Committee will receive updates on the People Strategy and Workforce Plan, and reports on the gender pay gap.

An annual report will be provided to committee to give an update on progress with the outcomes agreed for this first year. This report will recommend priority outcomes to be achieved for the next phase.

A two-year progress report, required under the duties of the Equality Act, will set out progress across the full framework.

Diagram showing that the operational equalities working group reports to the partner equality officers group and feds into the Council wellbeing and equalities group. This group reports to the elected members equalities working group and feeds into the Corporate Leadership Team. The Corporate Leadership team feeds into the Edinburgh Partnership and the Policy and Sustainability Committee. The elected member equalities working group also feeds into the policy and sustainability committee.