Our Business Plan priorities

Objectives and outcomes to deliver priorities

We have three strategic priorities which shape our work during 2023 to 2027.  We will

  1. Create good places to live and work in Edinburgh
  2. Take all the local actions needed to end poverty in Edinburgh
  3. Work to deliver a net zero city by 2030.

Our three priorities are interlinked and interdependent. They connect all the major strategies and Council policies agreed in the past few years, through the shared goals and commitments of the Edinburgh Partnership and towards our long-term ambitions for Edinburgh to be a fair, welcoming, pioneering, and thriving city, as expressed by the 2050 Edinburgh City Vision.

To meet these priorities, our Business Plan identifies:

  • outcomes
  • objectives
  • actions

that our services need to deliver in the next few years.

The actions will make sure that people:

  • can access fair work and the support they need to prevent and stay out of poverty and homelessness
  • can access public services locally and digitally, in ways that meet their needs and expectations, contributing to a greener net zero city
  • have decent, energy-efficient, climate proofed homes they can afford to live in
  • can use decarbonised public transport and active travel as the first choice to get round the city
  • are supported to attain and achieve positive destinations, with a particular focus on people in poverty.

They will also make sure Edinburgh

  • is a climate adapted city, with biodiverse green spaces, and cheaper, cleaner networks for energy use
  • has a stronger, greener, fairer economy while remaining a world leading cultural capital
  • is a cleaner, better maintained city of which we can all be proud.

For our organisation, they will make sure

  • our core services for people in need of care and support are improved
  • we have the capacity, skills and resources to deliver our priorities efficiently, effectively and at lower cost.
Illustration with Edinburgh landmarks with silhouettes of people moving around, using different transport

Council business plan 2023 to 2027

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