Support for families

Fostering and adoption


Foster Care Support

For those interested in becoming a foster carer visit the Foster or Adopt webpage for more information and advice or email

0800 174 833

Information is also available on the training available for foster carers and variety of support groups.


City of Edinburgh Council Adoption Team

Adoptive parents can access support from the local authority who arranged the adoption for the first 3 years following the adoption order being granted. Thereafter, support can requested from the local authority where they live . Anyone living in Edinburgh, including adults who were adopted and parents of children that have been adopted, can access support from the Council’s adoption team. If you, and your family are in need of information or support in Edinburgh please visit the Foster or Adopt webpage or contact our experienced social workers on

0131 200 4200

Adoption UK

Support, information, advice, community events and therapeutic services for adoptive and kinship families, children, young people and adults who are adopted. Support is also available for families caring for a child or young person with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). For more information visit the Adoption UK website or contact the Helpline Monday to Friday 10am to 2.30pm on

0300 666 0006

The FASD Hub Scotland Helpline can be accessed Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 2pm, Fri 10am to 1pm  

Helpline Advisors can be emailed at

Education PATHway Programme - Adoption UK

A service for adopted or kinship care families caring for a primary or secondary-aged child who is struggling in their education provision. Support is offered through Adoption UK’s PATH therapeutic services. Support may include a series of meetings with the school, support for families from a peer support partner or online therapeutic support for young people aged 13 and above, for up to 15 sessions.

For more information email   

0131 202 3670

#E Project

A service for children and young people who are adopted, living in kinship care and/or living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Monthly online sessions aim to develop individual skills, social interactions, confidence and self-esteem. Face-to-face opportunities and experiences also run. Open to school-aged children/young people and 18 to 25-year-olds..

For more information email   

0131 202 3670

Children Health Scotland

A range of free online workshops to support the health and wellbeing of Kinship carers in Scotland and the young people/children in their care. Covering topics such as Adolescence, Understanding Trauma and Looking After Your Family and Self. Additional online workshops tailored to foster carers are also available.

0131 553 6553

FREE Workshops for KINSHIP CARERS in SCOTLAND | Eventbrite

Support for birth parents


Birthlink is a small Scottish charity based in Edinburgh. They offer advice to adopted adults, birth parents, adoptive parents, birth families and professionals in relation to adoptions with a Scottish connection. Supports includes

  • adoption information line
  • access to adoption contact register
  • counselling
  • mediation
  • DNA services

For more information visit the Birthlink website or contact the After Adoption Information Line on

0131 225 6441

Bluebird Project - Scottish Adoption and Fostering

For birth parents living in Edinburgh or the Lothians who have a child who is permanently fostered, adopted or in kinship care. This support includes telephone and one-to-one support, counselling, peer support and intermediary support.

For more information visit the Scottish Adoption website or contact

0131 553 5060

Support for adults who are adopted

Scottish Adoption and Fostering

Offers advice about adoption records and intermediary support.

For more information visit the Scottish Adoption website or contact

0131 553 5060