Apply for a Building Warrant

You can pay for Building Warrants online. We are temporarily unable to process phone payments.

Pay for Building Warrants

Read the technical guidance for larger and more complex projects, request preliminary Building Warrant advice.

You may also need planning permission.

Methodology for submitting a Building Warrant

The two part methodology document provides guidance for agents on how to prepare drawings and supporting information prior to presenting them as part of an application for Building Warrant.

Submitting information in this way will help to 

  • speed up the process 
  • get your application granted
  • reduce the assessment time for your application.

Use the examples in the methodology to guide you as you create your drawings and specifications.

There are two areas of the guidance which are proving to be significant. Please ensure

  • your application plans are correctly orientated prior to uploading these to the portal
  • when submitting revised plans or further information to address issues raised in the technical assessment of your application, you use the correct form in the Which Forms? Wizard, submit documentation / information that supports a previously submitted form and quote the correct Building Warrant reference number.

Failure to adhere to all the published guidance will result in a delay to your application.

Apply for a Building Warrant on eBuilding Standards site. If you are already registered with ePlanning, use the same login details.

Paper versions of the forms are available on eBuilding Standards.

Alternative method of compliance

This form should be used when your proposed design does not follow the guidance within the technical handbooks. You should explain clearly and concisely why your proposal should be accepted as an alternative to the guidance given in the technical handbooks.

Request an alternative method of compliance

Validity period and extension

A building warrant remains valid for 3 years from the date it was granted. 

Apply to extend this period on eBuilding standards. Please register and login using the appropriate link in the Which Forms Wizard.

Download Building Warrant fees list and standard layer colours - PDFs

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