Apply for a Building Warrant

You should apply for a Building Warrant via the eBuilding Standards website.

If you are already registered with ePlanning, use the same login details.

Paper versions of the forms are available to download from the website.

Read the technical guidance for domestic and non-domestic applications.

For larger and more complex projects you can request pre-application advice.

You may also need planning permission.

Method for submitting a Building Warrant

The two part method document provides guidance for agents on how to prepare drawings and supporting information before presenting them as part of an application for Building Warrant.

Submitting information in this way will help to 

  • speed up the process 
  • get your application granted
  • reduce the assessment time for your application.

Use the examples in the methodo to guide you as you create your drawings and specifications.

There are two areas of the guidance which are proving to be significant. Please ensure

  • your application plans are correctly orientated before uploading these to the portal
  • when submitting revised plans or further information to address issues raised in the technical assessment of your application, you use the correct form in the Which Forms? Wizard, submit documentation / information that supports a previously submitted form and quote the correct Building Warrant reference number.

Failure to adhere to all the published guidance will result in a delay to your application.

Staged applications

In some circumstances, a building’s design cannot be fully completed where the building is large or complex. This may be

  • a result of specialist sub-contractors design
  • a provision of certificate of design schemes (SER)
  • the building occupancy may not yet be fully determined.

To allow for progress of the Building Warrant application and for construction to begin on site, consideration may be given to splitting the application into stages. These stages must be agreed with the verifier before the submission being made, with such agreements being discussed as part of the pre-application customer agreement process.

For new build housing applications, building warrants may typically form two stages:

  • Substructure
  • All other works

For more complex applications, an example of the staging split may be

  • enabling works
  • substructure, including drainage
  • superstructure
  • general arrangements, including fire strategy where applicable
  • building envelope
  • building services, for example MEP, HVAC etc.

Certificate of Design – SER

Further to the changes to the SER in 2017, many schedule 1 items which includes designs for specialist sub-contractors, cannot be included under the Certificate of Design’s Form Q. Therefore, consideration should be given to the use of specialist sub-contractors and where a design element may need to be isolated within a separate building warrant application stage.

Fire engineering

Where a building design includes a fire engineered approach, please note that this will only be considered as supporting information forming part of the general arrangements stage.

To allow for early discussion and engagement on any alternative approach to design, which may include fire engineering, we would identify this as a key issue for discussion as part of our pre-application advice service.

Alternative method of compliance

This form should be used when your proposed design does not follow the guidance within the technical handbooks. You should explain clearly and concisely why your proposal should be accepted as an alternative to the guidance given in the technical handbooks.

Request an alternative method of compliance

Please email the completed form to the surveyor who is processing your application.

Building Warrant payments and fees

You can pay for Building Warrants at the same time as submitting your application via the eBuilding Standards website

Alternatively, you can make a payment after you have applied or where the original fee was either incorrect or has been challenged.

We no longer accept cheques or phone payments for Building Warrant applications.

Please note that the proposed value of works will be checked by our surveyor against the RICS building cost information surveys of tender prices. This records the cost / m2 to build different types of buildings in different areas of the country. You will be notified if the value of works have been underestimated and if an extra fee is required.

Download Building Warrant fees - PDF

Download cost of works - PDF

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Building Warrant cheques

We no longer accept cheques for Building Warrants.