Business Temporary Closure Fund

Before you begin

You must read the below before starting this form.

Linked to Scotland’s  COVID-19 Strategic Framework (opens in a new tab), from 2 November 2020 the purpose of this grant is to support specific businesses  required to close by law.

Whether your business is eligible will depend on where your premises are located and what level of restrictions are in place at any point in time. 

You can check the protection level (tier) for your area (opens in a new tab) on the Scottish Government website

Premises required to close by law will be entitled to a Business Temporary Closure Fund grant payable every four weeks in arrears for the duration protective measures are in place

  • £2,000 if your premises has a Rateable Value of up to and including £51,000
  • £3,000 if your premises has a Rateable Value of £51,001 or above.

An upper limit of £15,000 in total will apply to any eligible business operating multiple premises.

If your business operates multiple premises you must apply separately for each premise


To qualify for a grant you must meet the following criteria

  • Your business operates within the Local Authority you are applying through.
  • Your business was active on 2 November 2020 although forced to temporarily cease trading by law.
  • Your business is not connected to a tax haven.
  • Your business or premises has been forced to close temporarily due to COVID-19 regulations applied to your Local Authority.
  • Your business has not breached COVID regulations or requirements prior to the Strategic Framework restrictions implemented on 2 November.
  • You have a dedicated business bank account.
  • Your premises are registered for Non-Domestic Rates.

Evidence required

Your must provide one of the following depending on your business structure

  • Company (including Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations and Community Interest Companies): Certificate of Incorporation or Companies House/ SCIO registration number.
  • Partnership: Partnership agreement or HMRC registration.
  • Sole Trader: HMRC registration, Self-assessment documents or valid business insurance document.
  • Trust: Constitution documents, HMRC registration or VAT registration document.

Evidence of business transactions prior to closure restrictions

  • a recent business bank statement showing business transactions through that account prior to the local restrictions coming into force
  • where possible it should also support other elements in this section including details of wage payments or rent.

If you do not provide the supporting documents processing your application will be delayed.

Evidence of Non-Domestic Rates

Your Non-Domestic Rates reference number. Must be 6 digits. Your rates number will be on your bill. It starts with 3 - drop the 3 and enter the remaining 6 digits.

If you are not the bill payer a copy of your lease or other evidence as proof you contribute to the Non-Domestic Rates for the premises.

If you have any issues or need to submit additional evidence email 

[email protected]

You must include you business name, address and the web reference you receive when you submit this form. 


  1. These payments are grants. A grant awarded on a valid application does not need to paid back.

  2. Information provided by you will be verified against other information sources held by us. This will assist application processing, fraud prevention and for auditing purposes.

  3. Applications may be subject to delay if incomplete or incorrect details given.

  4. Grants will be paid every four weeks in arrears on completion of a full application and once all information and evidence has been verified.  We are planning for the first schedule of 4 weekly payments to be made on Thursday 26 November 2020.

  5. You will not need to re-apply if restrictions are extended beyond four weeks.  When restrictions end, any final payment in arrears may be adjusted to reflect the duration of the restrictions to the nearest week.

  6. If a grant is awarded on the basis of false or inaccurate information, it may result in arrangements being made to recover the award, and legal proceedings being initiated.

We will review your application and assess if you are eligible for the grant.