Spaces for people

Keeping people safe during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

We introduced ‘Spaces for People’ measures during 2020 and 2021 to give people more space on our pavements and roads during Covid-19 pandemic. These changes created space for everyone and made it easier and safer for people to move around when

  • walking
  • cycling
  • using a wheelchair or other mobility aid
  • pushing prams or buggies.

We also wanted to support our businesses as they re-opened and adapted to a new way of operating such as space on pavements for queuing at a safe distance.

All schemes were funded by over £5 million from Sustrans, which was awarded to make temporary changes to our streets including

  • 39 km of segregated cycle infrastructure
  • 54 measures around schools to give more space to pupils and their parents/carers to distance
  • removing street clutter such as unused poles and parking signs.

Moving forward

The spaces for people measures could also contribute to Council objectives such as giving people more choice in how they get about the city. Read more about moving forward with spaces for people measures.