City Centre West to East Link

We are developing a new cycle route linking the Roseburn path to Leith Walk via the city centre. The route will form part of the National Cycle Network (NCN) route 1. The route will be part of Edinburgh's quiet routes network. The aim is to provide a cycle route which is designed for less confident cyclists and those who may be concerned about cycling in busy traffic. The route will be separate from traffic and will link planned cycle facilities on Leith Walk with the off-road path network at Roseburn.

There will also be links to

  • Haymarket Station
  • Rutland Square
  • London Road.

The project will be delivered in 3 sections,

  • section 1 will go from Roseburn to Haymarket
  • section 2 will go from Haymarket to Charlotte Square
  • section 3 will go from St Andrew's Square to Picardy Place.

The route itself will run along key streets including

  • Roseburn Terrace
  • West Coates
  • Melville Street
  • Charlotte Square
  • York Place.

Discussions with the proposed contractor are underway and we are currently working on revising the designs in order to minimise costs and ensure a cost effective project delivery. Unfortunately, this process has resulted in a further delay to the programme and work is not expected to start until late 2021.

The planned improvements include

  • new cycle routes with protected cycle tracks on the main road
  • cyclist and pedestrian priority at key junctions
  • significant improvements to the on-street environment, with dedicated public realm projects at Roseburn, Haymarket, Melville Crescent and Randolph Place
  • more cycle parking
  • additional zone 1 permit parking spaces
  • new and improved pedestrian crossings
  • improved pavement surfaces
  • resurfacing of key setted streets.

The initial design for the route was approved in December 2016. Since then the scheme proposals have been further developed to detailed designs. Further periods of statutory consultation are required before the project can be delivered. This includes a Traffic Regulation Order and a Redetermination Order (also known as a Roads Scotland Order) for each of the three sections.

Download the final preliminary designs (PDFs)


Between November 2015 and February 2016, we held a public consultation to discuss the project proposal.

Download consultaiton report from July 2016 (PDF)

We have held consultations with the local community and key stakeholders to develop proposals or public realm improvements in

  • Roseburn
  • Melville Crescent
  • Randolph Place.

Download the rejuvenating Roseburn report (PDF)

Download the Melville Crescent report (PDF)

Download the Randolph Place report (PDF)

Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and Redetermination Order (RSO) statutory consultation

Before the Council can make changes to

  • parking and loading restrictions
  • pavements
  • roads
  • cycle paths

we must provide an opportunity for people to comment.

Statutory consultations have been carried out for section 1, between Roseburn and Haymarket. These orders were subject to a public hearing which took place on 4 and 5 November 2019. Following the outcome of the hearing these orders have now been approved.

Download Traffic Regulation Order and Redetermination Order designs section 1 (PDF)

Statutory consultations have been carried out for section 2, between Haymarket and Charlotte Square. Representations were reported to the Transport and Environment Committee meeting on 20 June 2020. The Redetermination Order for section 2 is subject to Scottish Government decisions. We are currently waiting for this decision.

Download Traffic Regulation Order and Redetermination Order designs section 2 (PDF)

Statutory consultations for part of section 3, between York Place and Queen Street between Elder Street and North St David Street have taken place. This part of the route only required an RSO as there were no changes to waiting and loading, or permitted vehicle movements.

Download Redetermination Order designs section 3a (PDF)

Statutory consulation for the TRO and RSO for North St David Street have been carried out for section 3b. Representations were reported to the Transport and Environment Committee on 12 November 2020. The Redetermination Order for section 3b is subject to Scottish Government decisions and a decision from the Scottish Government on the RSO is expected in the coming months.

Further orders will be required for Charlotte Street and St Andrew Square. These will be advertised in the coming months.

Project timeline

The initial study was complete in 2014 and the route was developed between 2014 / 2016.

The project is at stage 4 of the development which aims to

  • develop detailed designs
  • complete statutory procedures
  • take forward tender preparation and procurement.

Subject to completion of all statutory consultation procedures, construction is scheduled to commence in sections 1 and 2 in late 2021.

Mailing list

If you'd like to receive regular updates about the project's progress and ways to be involved please email

[email protected]

Download the CCWEL project updates (PDF)

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