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Edinburgh Shared Repairs Service

About Edinburgh Shared Repairs Service 

If you own a flat in a tenement, or upper and lower villa, as well as maintaining your own home, you and your fellow owners are responsible for the upkeep of the common or shared areas in or around the building.

Edinburgh Shared Repairs Service offers free advice and information to help owners organise repairs to the shared or common areas of your property. Find our contact details below.

This service is for private owners. If you are a Council Tenant, you can request help here: Request a repair for your Council home.

Edinburgh Shared Repairs Service has a range of services to help you with your shared repairs.

Shared Repairs helpline

For free advice how to get started with your common repair call us on

0131 529 6778

Tenement toolkit

Our step-by-step guide to help you organise your repairs with templates and checklists for organising your shared repair project. 

Download your tenement toolkit (PDF and DOCX)

Missing Shares Service

Our Missing Shares Service helps flat owners who are having problems getting other owners to pay their share of repair costs to common areas of a tenement or block of flats.

This could be where an owner

• is unable to pay in the funds or it is unreasonable to ask them to do so

• cannot be identified or found or

• is unwilling to pay

We can then consider paying a missing share of the repair bill and recovering the cost from the owner who did not pay their share.

How to apply

Read our Missing Shares Service factsheet to find out more and submit your application using the Missing Share application pack.

Download the Missing Shares Service factsheet and application pack (PDF and DOCX)

Emergency repairs

Find out who to contact if your building is unsafe or if it is an emergency. Door entry systems are not treated as an emergency.

Organising a shared repair?

Try the Novoville app to do the heavy lifting for you. Report issues to owners, get quotes from Trusted Traders, take a vote, and open a digital payment account. Fees only apply to repairs carried out. Novoville Shared Repairs is supported by the Council.

Download the Novoville app

Edinburgh Shared Repairs Service

Address: Waverley Court,
4 East Market Street,

Telephone: 0131 529 6778

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