Shared repairs and maintenance

Money matters

Repairs and improvements can be costly and owners should have the money before work starts. However, work may be vital and you may want to go ahead with most of the funding in place. Owners may choose to accept the extra cost of a missing share. They can either absorb the cost or go through a debt recovery action to get the outstanding money.

We don't not offer grants for repairs and maintenance. We offer advice on shared repairs, including money matters, by email, phone or in person.

Read our scheme of assistance which sets out how we can help.


You or your neighbours should get two or three quotes for the work you need done. Ask for a list of work and detailed, written quotations, not estimates.

A quotation is a price that the builder must stick to, unless you agree to more work being carried out. If it is detailed, you can compare like with like. Check if the price includes VAT. 

Insurance cover

In a tenement, owners are responsible for insuring their own property as well as making sure that there is enough cover to reinstate the building if necessary. Reinstatement value is the cost of rebuilding the whole structure not just the market value, which may be a lot less.

You are entitled to ask for proof that your neighbours have adequate insurance. You must make this request in writing. If your neighbours are not willing to show you that they have adequate insurance or they do not have insurance you can enforce your rights in the Sheriff Court. Seek advice from your solicitor about this.

World Heritage grants

If your property is within the Edinburgh World Heritage site, you may be able to receive grants under their Conservation Funding programme.

Make your home warmer

Energy efficient homes save money. Get insulation advice and information from Home Energy Scotland.