School placing requests

Apply for a place outside of your catchment area

Read about support available to key workers over the summer holiday.

You can ask us for a place in a school outside of your catchment area. This is called a placing request.

A placing request for a mainstream school will only be granted after places have been given to children living in the catchment area.

Read about our specialist schools to find out how to apply for specialist dance, music and football education.

You have the right to make a placing request for special schools and classes. Please read In on the Act for details. Chapter four covers placing requests.

Download In on The Act - PDF

Download the school placements privacy notice - PDF

Make a placing request

If you want to make a placing request, the application process depends on the year group you are applying for.

If you want to make a placing request

  • after P1 has started or in P2 to P7
  • after S1 has started or in S2 to S6

you must apply directly to the school of your choice. 

Please download the request form, complete and return it to your preferred school.

Download the request for school place form - PDF

Placing requests for children starting P1 or S1 in August 2020

If your child is due to start P1 or S1 at a mainstream school in August 2020 you can make a placing request using the form below. Do not use the request form above.

Make a school placing request for P1 or S1

Section four of the Placing in Schools guide outlines placing requests.

Download the Placing in Schools guide - PDF

Further reading

Read Choosing a School: A Guide for Parents from the Scottish Government.

Download our admissions policy - PDF

Download our admissions procedure - PDF