Building new roads

Road construction consent

If you need to build a new road or extend an existing road then you need Road Construction Consent (RCC) from the Council. The issuing of RCC does not imply that planning permission is granted. Any work on existing roads needs separate authorisation.

If the RCC is linked with a private housing development then the developer must provide security. This is usually a road or cash bond.

Access for more than two properties must be built as a road and requires RCC. All roadside parking places form part of the road.

The Transport Design and Delivery team can offer advice on specification and design standards.

All roads that have RCC will go on the public roads list. If later a developer decides not to submit the roads, this does not alter their status as roads to which the public have right of access.

Download road construction consent forms (PDFs)

Download road construction guidance (PDF - 297.64 KB)

Download standard detail drawings (PDFs)