Edinburgh design guidance

The Edinburgh design guidance sets out expectations for the design of

  • new development
  • design of streets
  • parking standards

in Edinburgh.

The guidance should be used as a basis for the planning and design of new development proposals and for all street design. It will be a material consideration in assessing planning applications.

The skyspace calculator can be used to find out if the height of a new development will impact on the skyspace of a key view as set out in the design guidance.

Street design factsheets

Chapter 4 of the Edinburgh design guidance refers to the detailed design manual, this is formed of factsheets providing more detail around specific aspects of street design. These factsheets are available for use by anyone who does

  • planning
  • altering
  • designing
  • managing
  • maintaining
  • constructing

in relation to streets. 

View the Edinburgh street design guidance

Anyone who does the above should also refer to the Council’s sustainable rainwater management guidance and detailed factsheets.