Roseburn to Union Canal

The benefits this new link will bring

Artists impression of the planned cycling and walking route bridge over Dalry Road

Connecting more of the city through greener travel options

The current route is unsuitable for less confident cyclists and presents major barriers to movement between the Roseburn Path and the Union Canal, including

  • using fairly busy and narrow streets like Russell Road
  • turning right on busy Dalry Road
  • crossing the West Approach Road via the Telfer Subway.

The new route will help more people to walk, wheel or cycle. It will

  • provide greener, easier and safer walking, wheeling and cycling connections in the area (wheeling refers to people using a mobility scooter, wheelchair, or other wheeled mobility aid, as well as people walking with pushchairs and prams.)
  • link to other routes across the city
  • help to replace short car journeys and therefore reduce traffic, air pollution, noise, and the visual impact of traffic in urban areas, together with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The route will link to

Map with artists impression overlayed of route, woodlands and park


Reviving woodlands and improving play areas

This new, green corridor in the west of the city will also

  • upgrade Dalry Community Park
  • bring sections of unused and inaccessible open space back into community use
  • give better access to outside spaces 
  • help improve both mental and physical wellbeing with opportunities to choose to walk and cycle more, and spend more time outdoors
  • significantly increase the number of trees along the route, as well as create higher quality, more diverse and better managed woodland, through an extensive planting and landscaping plan.


As well as encouraging more people to choose greener travel, the design takes account of the needs of anyone with a disability or impairment. An integrated impact assessment (IIA) has been carried out and will be reviewed throughout the duration of the project. 

There will be new or improved access at several locations for people walking, using wheelchairs or mobility scooters, or cycling, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in and near your community, as well as provide much better connections to nearby paths and green links.