Roseburn to Union Canal

Project history and consultation


Initial feasibility study and route development.

2016 to 2017

Extensive public and key stakeholder consultation over seven-weeks to develop the initial design concept proposals.

June 2019

A second, local consultation to help us further refine proposals.


Work progresses on finalising the detailed design. Read the full report to the Council's Policy and Sustainability Committee.

5 March 2021

Planning consent for the scheme was granted.


Ground investigation work is carried out.


Statutory Order Redetermination Order (RSO) approved.


Technical design completed.


Main contractor and project budget approved at the Council's Finance and Resources Committee.


Main contractor, Balfour Beatty, appointed.

January 2023

Work begins and runs for approximately 20 months.

Previous consultation

We carried out an extensive public and key stakeholder consultation over seven weeks between November 2015 and January 2016. This included online, leaflets to local residents and businesses and drop-in sessions at local venues.

Key themes emerging from the consultation were

  • strong support for the proposals was expressed by the vast majority of respondents
  • the importance of retaining the green space feel and biodiversity, whilst balancing with safety through adequate lighting and passive security 
  • concern over a lack of continuity in cycle infrastructure and indirect links between the proposed path and the surrounding street network
  • the importance of the proposals creating a child friendly environment
  • preference for either a wider path to prevent conflict between pedestrians and cyclists, or marked areas to separate uses and avoid conflict.

In response to your feedback, we made various changes to the proposals, including

  • developing a tree protection strategy and a replanting strategy for new trees and vegetation between the proposed path and adjacent properties
  • designing landscape proposals to increase biodiversity through planting native trees and shrubs and creating areas of wildflower meadow
  • improving access points, including an additional access at Duff Street
  • increasing the path width to 4 metre to provide additional space for both pedestrians and cyclists.

We also worked with primary 6 children from Dalry Primary School. They told us 

  • the park is very important to the community but it needs to be improved
  • there were fears about vandalism 
  • they wanted places to sit and to have exciting play equipment.

As a result, we gave more thought to security measures, using robust materials and making sure the design meant the park would work for everyone and be around for a long time. Ongoing maintenance is also planned.

The new design also considers varied age groups, whether to segregate cyclists and pedestrians, improved lighting and sightlines through the park and opportunities for active team play, seating and nature interpretation.