Roseburn to Union Canal

More about the project

The project will create a new path link connecting to the Union Canal towpath from the end of the North Edinburgh Path Network at Russell Road.

It will run via former railway embankments, Dalry Community Park, a new crossing on the West Approach Road at Fountain Park and using existing crossings on Dundee Street.  

Among the improvements are:

  • two new bridges crossing over the Haymarket to Slateford railway line and over Dalry Road
  • community gardens at Sauchiebank (Russell Road) and Duff Street
  • upgrades to Dalry Community Park, including the playpark designs which were developed after consultation with Dalry Primary School pupils. 

The three main project areas

  • Sauchiebank Gardens
  • Duff Street Woodland
  • Dalry Community Park

A map of the Sauchiebank area with artists impression overlayed to show the layout of the woodland after development.

Sauchiebank Gardens

This area of woodland is currently inaccessible and not used by the local community.

As well as building links for walking, cycling and wheeling, we will create a new woodland community garden. This will include

  • a link to the existing Roseburn Path, off Russell Road
  • a segregated bi-directional cycle lane and pavement on Russell Road to link to the new route at Sauchiebank
  • community gardens - built on unused land
  • landscaping and new woodland
  • 4-metre-wide pedestrian and cycle path
  • pedestrian access from Russell Road
  • new bridge over the Mid Calder railway line leading to the section behind Duff Street.

Duff Street Woodland

This underused area will be returned to the community with a new landscaped woodland that is accessible for everyone. Improvements include

  • pedestrian, wheelchair and mobility scooter access from Duff Street Lane
  • 4-metre-wide pedestrian and cycle path continues from Sauchiebank
  • landscaping and woodland
  • privacy screening for houses nearby
  • new bridge over Dalry Road leading to Dalry Community Park

Dalry Community Park

Map of Dalry Park with artists impression overlayed to show layout after development.

This valuable community facility will get a much-needed upgrade, making it easier to access and a more pleasant area to enjoy. It will have a series of focussed areas for different age groups.

The play spaces were designed in consultation with pupils at Dalry Primary School in 2015. Improvements in the park include

  • better park entrance off Dalry Road with a Toucan crossing
  • improved sports pitch surrounded by stepped terrace features
  • 4-metre-wide pedestrian and cycle path continues from Duff Street
  • existing paths improved
  • landscaping and woodland
  • play park upgraded
  • access from supermarket car park
  • better lighting
  • Toucan crossing over the West Approach Road to link to Dundee Street.

Landscaping and woodland

An artists impression of the community allotments to be built as part of the Roseburn to Union Canal links

The route connects a series of different types of outdoor space. Each part of the chain will offer a different type of amenity from active day and evening use, through to quiet and pleasant destinations, all interconnected by a constant well-lit and safe pathway.

We have a comprehensive planting strategy which will help us create healthier and more diverse woodland, with a longer-term strategy to enhance its ecological value.

Along the route we will plant almost 5000 woodland and semi-mature trees. So that we can deliver the project and the benefits it will bring, we need to remove approximately 450 trees. This will include trees which have been identified as ash and would be removed as part of our long-term maintenance planning.

There will be extensive planting as part of the new project and a solid fence on the east verge of the West Approach Road where it is near properties.

Plants are chosen to meet the various demands of the site, the varying seasons and be structured to respond to shelter and microclimate issues.