A net zero, climate ready Edinburgh by 2030

As Scotland’s capital and economic centre, we want to make sure that a cleaner, greener and fairer future for everyone is at the heart of our plans. We have set an ambitious target for Edinburgh to become a net zero city by 2030. This means that by 2030, Illustration of Edinburgh from websitewe want remove the same amount of greenhouse gases that we, as a city, put into the air.

Be inspired by what communities, businesses and the Council are doing to achieve the target. You can also browse through the city's net-zero Edinburgh website to find out more about our ambitious target, and about what we and our city partners are doing to achieve. 

About the climate clock

We are in a climate emergency. There is still time to avert disaster if we take bold and immediate action at the speed and scale necessary. Our best window to do this is in the next seven years. We all need to make changes to avoid raising global temperatures by another 1.5ºC. If we don't, we will be at a point of no return. Scientists say we will experience the worst effects on the climate we have ever seen.

The deadline and lifeline on the climate clock tell us what we need to do, by when. They are the most important numbers in the world. Find out more about the climate clock.

Edinburgh net zero 2030

Working to be a net zero city by 2030